Our Ingredients

Soraya did not set out to create Snowberry as a ‘100% natural’ skin care. She was inspired by uniting known natural bio actives with the advantages of clinically proven and scientifically-derived anti-aging compounds. Snowberry is created with New Zealand Native extracts like Kanuka Honey and Totarol. By combining the natural power of plants with carefully selected antioxidants and peptide complexes proven by modern skin science, Soraya has created skin care that is made from nature and boosted by science. 

 All ingredients from Snowberry gardens are individually hand harvested from our Snowberry gardens and blended with scientifically proven antioxidants and peptide complexes to help enhance skins natural radiance. 


Kanuka Honey

Crafted by the worker bees at Snowberry Gardens, Kanuka honey is rarer and more potent than it's cousin Manuka. Kanuka honey is a wonderful moisturiser and exhibits anti-inflammatory activity, making it an effective treatment for topical skin issues.

Harvesting Kanuka Honey in our Snowberry Gardens 



Harakeke Seed Oil (New Zealand Flax)

The Harakeke's leaves were used for centuries by the Maori for weaving. But only recently the skincare benefits of Harakeke seed oil have been discovered.

Harakeke seeds are harvested by hand at Snowberry Gardens, where they are then separated by a unique artisanal method and cold pressed to extract 100% pure virgin Harakeke seed oil. This liquid gold oil is rich in Omega Acids that boosts the skins barrier layer, helping to seal in natural moisture and is packed with anti-oxidants to help fight free radicals.

Harvesting Harakeke in our Snowberry gardens 




Totarol is a naturally occuring plant extract from heartwood of the New Zealand Totara tree. These giant trees have been known to stand for over 1,000 years, their resilliance attributed in part to the anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties of the wood. Totarol is sustainably sourced from deadwood, with no harm to living Totara Trees, and is used in skincare as a natural preservative or to help neutralise free radicals linked to skin aging.