About Snowberry

More than just natural skin care


Natural Beauty Begins in Nature, but Benefits from Science.
Nature can't do it all on it's own. Snowberry brings a boost of science and results to natural skincare. Blending natural botanical ingredients, from Snowberry Gardens in New Zealand and all over the world, with the advantages of scientifically proven anti-oxidants, enzymes and peptide complexes. The result - glowing radiant skin.

Skincare you can Trust
Snowberry brings the best of two worlds together in skincare you can trust. Our Snowberry serums have proven effective results by independent clinical tests. You won’t find any nasties like petrochemicals, silicones, harsh alcohols or artificial colours in Snowberry.

Avoiding parabens as the preservative system for Snowberry products led to another dedicated research programme. The breakthrough came in the form of an unusual combination of natural ingredients including Totarol from the New Zealand rainforest to form a unique, natural preservative system.


We have a Responsibility to Future Generations
Snowberry is committed to changing things for the better - to making a positive difference for the planet and the people we encounter along the way. We continually assess every aspect of Snowberry, from the selection of ingredients obtained on a sustainable basis, to the minimising of waste, as well as the energy efficiency policies and recycling practices of our own manufacturing and that of our packaging partners.

Snowberry secures some of the finest bio active ingredients from around the world and in our own Snowberry Gardens. However, only those ingredients that we can be assured have been sustainably harvested without detriment to the environment, are acceptable.

Snowberry’s activities are measured and managed to be ‘carbon neutral. Snowberry is the first New Zealand skin care company to achieve carboNZeroCert™ certification for each of its products (you will see the carboNZero™ logo on each Snowberry carton). This accreditation means that Snowberry can measure and report its carbon footprint with a confidence that has been verified against a global standard and is accepted in 50 major world economies.

Snowberry Art

Beautiful products deserve beautiful packaging. 


This idea led Snowberry's founder to Internationally renowned, English artist Rob Ryan, who creates extraordinary story-telling art in vibrant colours through his paper-cut wizardry. Snowberry commissioned a unique piece of art to tell the story of Snowberry's origins and bring the Snowberry ideals to life. The 'Snowberry Canvas' provides many moments of delight as you discover the story of Snowberry's beginnings - A girl giving a gift to her mother, Soraya as a child mixing little potions for her mother and grandmother in thier gardens. A lady with a lantern, symbolising Soraya's grandmother, who is holding a guiding light. Subtle nods to Snowberry's home of New Zealand, the iconic flora & fauna of the Kiwi & Fantail birds and Silver Fern. Even ingredients sustainably harvested at Snowberry's own gardens appear throughout the canvas.

Look closely across the packaging to discover messages that are the ‘essence’ of Snowberry's ideals to have a positive impact on the environment, communities, and individuals.